Making News, Aging Population

Why ‘frailty’ matters
By John Muscedere and Fred Horne

Addressing the specific needs of Canada’s frail older adults would improve health outcomes and quality of life ― and reduce health costs

People need less money to live as they get older? If only.
By Michael Wolfson

Last week the C.D. Howe Institute released a short study just in time for the finance ministers’ meeting — rolling out the tired, old argument that as people age, they do not need as much money to live as when they were younger. If only retirement were so easy.

SHIMMIN_Five things every Canadian should know about obesity Five things every Canadian should know about obesity
By Carolyn Shimmin

Puslinch nursing home wrestles with underfunding for long-term care

Alex Migdal.

Alberta lacks consistent policy for seniors moving to long-term care: report

Mariam Ibrahim.
The Edmonton Journal

Ottawa leads province in being age friendly, geriatrics expert says

Michael Woods.
Ottawa Citizen

Many Manitoba seniors taking improper drugs

Kevin Rollason.
The Winnipeg Free Press

Toronto day programs help seniors with dementia

Nancy J. White.

RQHR home care services beyond capacity

Terrence Mceachern.
The Leader-Post

Emergency Rooms Are No Place for the Elderly

Pauline W. Chen.
New York Times

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