Backgrounders, Aging Population

Backgrounder Antimicrobial resistance is a global threat Backgrounder: Antimicrobial resistance is a global threat
By Elnaz Shadabi
Backgrounder: The Concept of “Frailty” and How it Can Help Reform our Health System Backgrounder: The Concept of “Frailty” and How it Can Help Reform our Health System
By Lee Tunstall
Homecare Backgrounder: Canada’s aging population and the need for changes in health care delivery
By Ann Silversides

For decades, health care researchers have been writing about the implications of the aging of the demographic bulge produced by the boom-bust sequence. Despite some scare mongering commentaries in the media, there won’t be a sudden, overwhelming impact on health care costs.

Backgrounder: Advance care planning
By Nanci Corrigan

Advance care planning is a process of reflection and communication about personal care preferences in the event that an individual becomes incapable of consenting to or refusing treatment or other care. The most important aspects of advance care planning are choosing one or more Substitute Decision Makers — someone who will speak on the individuals’ behalf and make decisions for them if they are not able to do so themselves.

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