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Backgrounder A primer on the legal challenge between Dr. Brian Day and British Columbia Backgrounder: A primer on the legal challenge between Cambie Surgeries Corporation (led by Dr. Brian Day) and British Columbia — and how it may affect our healthcare system
By Karen Palmer

“Medicare,” provides public funding for all medically necessary hospital and physician services.

Surgical Wait Times for Publicly Funded Health Services in Canada Backgrounder: Surgical wait times for publicly funded health services in Canada
By Neeta Das McMurtry

Public opinion polls show many Canadians worry about surgical wait times. Anecdotal media reports and heated political debates encourage this worry. But the question remains: Are Canadians waiting too long for surgery?

Stethoscope / Law Backgrounder: Court challenges to one-tier medicare
By Alex Peden

Two court cases with strong implications for the future of the Canadian health care system have been frequently mentioned in the news. Understanding the Chaoulli and Cambie Surgeries cases involves clarifying the difference between public and private health care in Canada.

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