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A sugar-sweetened beverage tax is not the answer A sugar-sweetened beverage tax is not the answer
By Natalie Riediger
SHIMMIN_Five things every Canadian should know about obesity Five things every Canadian should know about obesity
By Carolyn Shimmin
Most Canadians don't understand food nutition labels Most Canadians don’t understand food nutrition labels
By John Millar and Mélanie Meloche-Holubowski

As January comes to an end, those who vowed to eat better in 2015 have probably already given up. Not very surprising, considering that most people grossly underestimate the amount of calories they consume, and underestimate their fat, salt and sugar consumption, even after consulting nutrition labels.

Rethinking diabetes Blaming diabetes on poor eating habits has delayed real action
By Jan Hux

Journalist H.L. Mencken wrote that “for every complex problem there is a solution that is clear, simple and wrong.” That observation aptly describes a prevailing attitude toward type 2 diabetes, which characterizes diabetes as a problem that could clearly be fixed if people would simply move more and eat less.

SHIMMIN_Five things journalists need to know when covering obesity in Canada Five things journalists need to know when covering obesity in Canada
By Carolyn Shimmin

There has been a dramatic increase in the number of Canadians living with obesity over the past few decades, and it is often cited as a risk factor for other chronic health conditions —which means obesity is frequently in the news. So, what should journalists know before covering the topic?

Pay as you weigh an unfair pricing strategy
By Arya Sharma

This week the wires were active with suggestions that people with obesity pay more for airline travel. This discussion was prompted by a Samoan airline announcing that they would begin charging passengers by the pound.

It’s time for government action on obesity
By John Millar

You’ve heard it already: obesity is epidemic in Canada and is contributing to an increased prevalence of hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer and other chronic conditions.

It’s about time
By Arya Sharma

If McDonalds took 30 minutes to serve you a hamburger, no one would eat there. If it took you 30 minutes to enjoy a Happy Meal, no one would bother. That same goes for any fast food restaurant.

Playing violin for your health
By Arya Sharma

Now that we’ve kicked off a new year, not a day passes without some news outlet asking me for tips on healthy living. What do I need to eat more (or less) of? What type of exercise is best and how many minutes a day do I need?

Why having weight loss as a New Year’s resolution may be bad for your health
By Jennifer Kuk

Every year many Canadians will pledge to start the year off by losing some weight to get healthier. There is plenty of evidence to show that losing weight can improve your blood pressure, blood sugar and even your cholesterol rates.

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