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Backgrounder A primer on the legal challenge between Dr. Brian Day and British Columbia Backgrounder: A primer on the legal challenge between Cambie Surgeries Corporation (led by Dr. Brian Day) and British Columbia — and how it may affect our healthcare system
By Karen Palmer

“Medicare,” provides public funding for all medically necessary hospital and physician services.

Prentice under fire for boutique clinic link

James Wood & Chris Varcoe.
Calgary Herald

B.C. Supreme Court case ‘biggest threat to medicare in this generation’

Theresa Boyle.

Why walk-in health care is a fast-growing profit center for retail chains

Martha Hamilton.
The Washington Post

Two Canadians lead Obamacare debate

William Marsden.
Calgary Herald

Private clinics misleading Ontario patients

The Canadian Press.
CBC News

A State-by-State Look at Health Insurance Affordability Prior to the New Coverage Expansions

Cathy Schoen et al.
The Commonwealth Fund

Medical tourism is a sickness, not a cure

Sandra Azocar.
Calgary Herald

Hospital Chain Said to Scheme to Inflate Bills

Julie Creswell & Reed Abelson.
The New York Times

Staffing levels at for-profit seniors homes ‘dangerous,’ expert says

Matt McClure.
Calgary Herald

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