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When it comes to prescription drug coverage, our health system has plenty in common with the United States — and that’s not a good thing
By Colleen Flood

Most Canadians would likely agree that those who need potentially life-saving prescription medications should have ready access to them.

Implementing a basic income in Canada to improve health and reduce poverty

A version of this podcast appeared in Basic Income Earth Network and the Huffington Post Offering a guaranteed annual income to reduce poverty and improve health is not a new idea in Canada, but it is once again on the …

Canada needs to provide an urgent investment in indigenous health Canada needs to provide an urgent investment in indigenous health
By Brian Postl and Pierre-Gerlier Forest

The health of Canada’s indigenous people lags substantially behind other Canadians – and the tragic reality is well documented. Sadly, the data regarding poor health status for indigenous populations shows us this is true across all major illnesses and across all age groups.

Is waiting longer for new prescription drug approvals necessarily a bad thing?
By Alan Cassels

The newest report from Canada’s brand name drug makers on access to new drugs has one key message: compared to other countries, Canada goes slow and low. New drugs are slower to be covered by our provincial drug plans and the numbers of people who get access to new drugs are lower than in other countries.

Ontario losing, Alberta gaining from federal transfers, watchdog says

Julian Beltrame.
The Globe and Mail

Refugee health-care cuts aren’t justifiable

Carolyn Weatherson.

Cost-control plan for health care could cost you

Associated Press.
The Washington Post

New health program gives efficient care to our sickest

Jeff Outhit.

Should BC Spend More Millions on Questionable Flu Drug?

Paul Webster.
The Tyee

Medical Tourism’s Impact on Health Care Equity and Access in Low-and Middle-Income Countries

Y.Y. Brandon Chen & Colleen Flood.
Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics

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