Making News, Obesity

A sugar-sweetened beverage tax is not the answer Cessons d’invoquer les taxes sur le tabac pour justifier l’adoption d’une taxe sur les boissons gazeuses
Par Natalie Riediger

Co-op to remove 100m teaspoons of sugar with own brand squash range

Rebecca Smithers.
The Guardian

Treating childhood obesity with family-focused interventions

Vanessa Milne, Jill Konkin & Mike Tierney.
Healthy Debate

New Coke ad takes unusual approach to address obesity

Candice Choi.
The Globe and Mail

Police defend decision to arrest parents of obese boy on suspicion of neglect

Ben Quinn.
The Guardian

Obesity rates: Is the Body Mass Index a good measurement?

Mark Gollom.
CBC News

New Report on the Fitness Franchise Industry in 2014

Press Release.
Digital Journal

Parents over-policing child’s play, obesity expert says

Graham Slaughter.

Why putting calorie counts on menu does work (and is definitely not state nannyism)

Dr. Yoni Freedhoff.
The Globe and Mail

Health groups warn restaurants will swap calories for salt

Megan Ogilvie.

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