Making News, More not always better

Are you getting the flu shot this year?
By John Muscedere

Here’s why you should

Robotic surgery news & marketing – misrepresentation of evidence

Gary Schwitzer.

It’s time to stop treating pregnancy like a disease

André Picard.
The Globe and Mail

Provide health needs, not wants

Mark Lemstra.
The Star Phoenix

Choosing Wisely Canada to Help Physicians and Patients Make Smart Choices

Medical Section.
CNW Group

Mammogram wars see latest salvo as major breast cancer charity launches campaign urging screening for women

Tom Blackwell.
National Post

Have millions been wasted on flu drug?

The Associated Press.

“Check ‘em Tuesday” and CoppaFeel campaign strong on promotion, weak on evidence

Gary Schwitzer.

When the writer becomes the patient

Karen D. Brown.
The Boston Globe

Advocacy hurting good cancer care

Mark Lemstra.
The Star Phoenix

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