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Managing Healthcare: Why Brains and Money Aren’t Enough

How a National Drug Plan Can Save Canada

How improving healthcare for the frail elderly can also cut costs

From prescriptions to prevention: Managing Canada’s opioid addiction

Canada needs a list of ‘essential medicines’

Think back to the last time you filled a prescription. Now think back to who paid for that.

Caregivers need more than a national day of recognition

One in four people in Canada care for a loved one, friend or neighbour.

We need to talk about male suicide

Political scientist Shannon Sampert says not enough is being done to help the group of Canadians who are most likely to die by suicide — men, especially those who are middle-aged.

How can we overcome an ageist healthcare system?

Dr. Kenneth Rockwood, a geriatrician in Halifax and Researcher with the Canadian FRAILTY NETWORK says that an ageist attitude is an underlying cause of unsuitable healthcare for older patients.

Funding community-based programs can reduce male suicide

The suicide rate for men in Canada is three to four times higher than women.

This rate increases even more in certain subgroups such as gay men, indigenous men or veterans.

Understanding the opioids crisis in Canada

North America is grappling with an opioids epidemic. British Columbia has even declared a public health emergency because of a significant increase in opioid-related overdoses and deaths. Dr. David Juurlink, Head of the Division of Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology at …

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