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How a National Drug Plan Can Save Canada

From prescriptions to prevention: Managing Canada’s opioid addiction

Understanding the opioids crisis in Canada

North America is grappling with an opioids epidemic. British Columbia has even declared a public health emergency because of a significant increase in opioid-related overdoses and deaths. Dr. David Juurlink, Head of the Division of Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology at …

L’inefficacité de l’assurance-médicaments privée coûte 5 milliards de dollars chaque année aux entreprises

Les régimes privés sont généralement inefficaces et coûtent au-delà de 5 milliards de dollars chaque année aux entreprises. Pourquoi les entreprises et les assureurs acceptent-ils autant de gaspillage?

Measles outbreaks: When celebrities get in the way of science

Will the cost of senior care in Canada one day break the bank? Probably not, contrary to common perceptions.

Why Canada needs a national pharmacare program

Canada is currently the only developed country with a universal health-care system that does not include universal coverage of prescription drugs. And paradoxically is the most expensive one.

Why Canadian employers waste $5 billion a year on inefficient drug coverage

Employers in Canada spend an estimated 5 billion dollars a year on drug coverage for their employees. Yet, private plans are notoriously inefficient and they often cover higher priced drugs that are not necessarily better for consumers’ health, explains Alan Cassels.