Dr. Michael Law is an Assistant Professor in the Centre for Health Services and Policy Research at the University of British Columbia. He completed a PhD in Health Policy at Harvard University and a post-doctoral fellowship at Harvard Medical School, where he trained in research methods and statistics. His research focuses on pharmaceutical policy and has included studies on drug coverage changes, direct-to-consumer advertising, generic drug prices and the affordability of prescription drugs.

He has been published in leading medical journals, has received both national and international awards and has been featured in news media such as New Scientist, Forbes, the Globe & Mail, The Vancouver Sun and USA Today. Since his appointment at UBC he has received several notable awards, including the Labelle Lectureship at McMaster University, the 2011 Paper of the Year Award from the CIHR Institute for Health Services and Policy Research, a CIHR New Investigator Award, and a Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Scholar Award.

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Commentaries by Dr. Michael Law:

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Posters by Dr. Michael Law:

LawPosterGenericDrugsSept09.13“Ontario pays nearly a quarter of a billion dollars more every year for the top 100 generic drugs compared to prices in other countries.”

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“Would you pay $60 for a large coffee at Tim Horton’s? How about $500,000 for a Toyota Corolla? Compared to other countries, this is how inflated Canadian prices are for some generic prescription drugs.”

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