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Four-ways-you-could-save-money-on-your-prescription-medications Four ways you could save money on your prescription medications
By Kathleen O'Grady

As Canadians, we are proud of our universal healthcare system, which provides publicly-funded essential doctor and hospital care based on need and not ability to pay. Unfortunately, our health system falls short when it comes to prescription medication.

Moving-forward-on-health-care-reform Moving forward on health care reform
By Allan Maslove
L’assurance obligatoire ne favorise pas un accès abordable aux médicaments d’ordonnance How to create an affordable prescription drug plan
By Steve Morgan

The Liberal government of New Brunswick appears to be stepping back from the brink of mandatory prescription drug insurance. And so they should.

Quebec’s proposed health reform ignores best evidence
By Paul Lamarche, Réjean Hébert and François Béland

Bill 10 has as its objective to improve the access and the quality of health and social services in the province of Quebec while diminishing bureaucracy and increasing efficiency. As professors in the Department of Health administration in the School of Public Health at the University of Montreal we seriously question the ability of this reform to achieve this.