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Managing Healthcare: Why Brains and Money Aren’t Enough

How improving healthcare for the frail elderly can also cut costs

Frailty-and-the-new-Ageism La fragilité et le nouvel âgisme
Par Kenneth Rockwood
Why ‘frailty’ matters
By John Muscedere and Fred Horne

Addressing the specific needs of Canada’s frail older adults would improve health outcomes and quality of life ― and reduce health costs

Pourquoi la fragilisation est un enjeu important
Par John Muscedere et Fred Horne
People need less money to live as they get older? If only.
By Michael Wolfson

Last week the C.D. Howe Institute released a short study just in time for the finance ministers’ meeting — rolling out the tired, old argument that as people age, they do not need as much money to live as when they were younger. If only retirement were so easy.

Government on right track with Target Benefit Pension Plans Government on right track with Target Benefit Pension Plans
By Robert Brown

In a speech in Toronto last week, Kevin Sorensen, Minister of State for Finance, introduced details of a new “hybrid” pension plan proposed for all federal workers and other corporations under federal pension regulation. He referred to these proposed plans as Target Benefit Pension Plans.