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Making sure our prescription medications are safe and worth taking Making sure our prescription medications are safe and worth taking
By Jenna Wong and Robyn Tamblyn
Facing some unpleasant truths about opioids
By David Juurlink

Over the past year I’ve lost track of how many times the opioid epidemic has, in one incarnation or another (Prince, naloxone, fentanyl, newborns in agonizing withdrawal and so on) found its way onto the front page news.

Prescription drug costs hurting Canadians Prescription drug costs hurting Canadians
By Steve Morgan and Danielle Martin

“Without universal pharmacare, many Canadians must choose their jobs – or when to retire – based on availability of prescription drug insurance rather than life and career ambition. This hurts workers, employers and our economy.” Steve Morgan, Professor of Health …

Health Canada fails to enforce its own rules on pharmaceutical advertising
By Joel Lexchin and Barbara Mintzes

A handsome man struts over to the office water cooler with a smirk on his face. When his colleagues ask about his weekend, he replies enthusiastically, with audio muted. A large blue pill appears with the tagline, “Viagra, Ask Your Doctor.” Vibrant, energetic older people are shown swimming, bowling and having a good time. With a twinkle in their eye, they suggest the viewer “ask your doctor” about Celebrex.

Ontario spends more than $11 billion a year on prescription Why an income-based drug plan is harmful to Ontario seniors
By Steve Morgan

Ontario spends $11-billion per year on prescription drugs. Nearly half of this is spent on medicines used by senior citizens, a group that receives public subsidies for nearly all of their prescription drug costs in Ontario.

The continued medicalization of women’s bodies The continued medicalization of women’s bodies
By Alan Cassels

There’s one significant frontier in the medicalization of women’s bodies that remains elusive: drug treatment for female sexuality.

High Cost of Healthcare Prescription drug costs hurting Canadians
By Danielle Martin and Steve Morgan

Health Ministers from across Canada will gather in Banff to discuss issues of common interest and explore opportunities to work together. Pharmacare — a program that would see all prescription drug costs covered through a publicly funded system instead of out-of-pocket — will almost certainly be on the agenda.

Le Canada tarde à réagir à la crise des opioïdes d’ordonnance Canada slow to respond to prescription opioid crisis
By David Juurlink

In my first career as a pharmacist, I worked in more than 30 pharmacies across Nova Scotia, filling more than 100,000 prescriptions between 1990 and 1995. Some of these were for strong painkillers called opioids — drugs like morphine and oxycodone, which are chemically and biologically very similar to heroin.

Backgrounder: Canada’s prescription opioid crisis Backgrounder: Canada’s prescription opioid crisis
By Ann Silversides

“The misuse of opioids has grown exponentially with devastating consequences” – First Do No Harm: Responding to Canada’s Prescription Drug Crisis (Canadian Council on Substance Abuse, 2013).

Backgrounder: Pharmaceutical policy in Canada

Pharmaceutical costs have been rising dramatically over the past three decades, both in real terms and as a component of health care spending. In 2012, Canadians spent $947 per capita a year on pharmaceuticals, up from $147 per capita in 1985.