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Managing Healthcare: Why Brains and Money Aren’t Enough

How a National Drug Plan Can Save Canada

How improving healthcare for the frail elderly can also cut costs

From prescriptions to prevention: Managing Canada’s opioid addiction

How can we overcome an ageist healthcare system?

Dr. Kenneth Rockwood, a geriatrician in Halifax and Researcher with the Canadian FRAILTY NETWORK says that an ageist attitude is an underlying cause of unsuitable healthcare for older patients.

Frailty-and-the-new-Ageism Frailty and the new ageism
By Kenneth Rockwood

Should medicine be ageist? A young trainee doctor recently proposed to me that it should. Healthcare is overstretched, she argued. “We can’t do everything for everyone, so why spend money on old people, who have little chance of benefit?”

Why ‘frailty’ matters
By John Muscedere and Fred Horne

Addressing the specific needs of Canada’s frail older adults would improve health outcomes and quality of life ― and reduce health costs

Does Canada need to worry about the same festering malaise that has disrupted the United States?
By Michael Wolfson

For many Canadians, the outcome of the United States election has been a shock. Trump’s campaign, as inarticulate and venal as it was, tapped into important and deeply rooted realities, realities that may contain lessons for Canada too.

People need less money to live as they get older? If only.
By Michael Wolfson

Last week the C.D. Howe Institute released a short study just in time for the finance ministers’ meeting — rolling out the tired, old argument that as people age, they do not need as much money to live as when they were younger. If only retirement were so easy.