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EvidenceNetwork.ca is celebrating its 5th year anniversary and we decided to celebrate — with a social media poster campaign featuring quotes from EvidenceNetwork.ca experts, advisors, contributors, supporters and colleagues answering the question: ‘Why EvidenceNetwork.ca?’ Click here to view or download our 5th year anniversary posters.


EvidenceNetwork.ca was created under the direction of Dr. Noralou Roos, the Founding Director of the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy and Dr. Sharon Manson Singer, professor, School of Public Policy at Simon Fraser University, who has since retired from the project. Dr. Roos remains Director and Kathleen O’Grady of Concordia University is the Managing Editor. For a list of all current staff, contributors and advisory groups, please go to Our Team to view.

EvidenceNetwork.ca was established to communicate evidence on key health policy issues to the public and policy makers through traditional and social media. It was timely, making it possible for academics to provide evidence on the complex issues leading up to the 2014 renegotiation of the Canada Health Accord. This focus on communicating evidence on health policy issues has continued. The Director, Dr. Roos, says, “Health policy issues are increasingly complex and are too often taken over by politics and ideology. We thought the best way to serve the Canadian public would be to create an accessible and reliable resource where journalists can quickly find independent experts and evidence on issues as they arise.” Read more on Wikipedia


The initiative is funded with a grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR),  Research Manitoba and the George and Fay Yee Centre for Healthcare Innovation. Additional support was provided by the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement and in 2016 funding was also received from the Canadian Frailty NetworkCIHR, CIHR IPPH, CIHR IHSPR, the Department of Community Health Sciences and the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Manitoba, and Research Manitoba.



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