Marc-André Gagnon

Marc-Andre Gagnon is an expert in political economy and health policy. He is an Associate Professor at the School of Public Policy and Administration at Carleton University. He is also a Research Fellow with the Pharmaceutical Policy Research Collaboration and with the Edmond J. Safra Centre for Ethics at Harvard University for a Lab Project on Institutional Corruption. His current research focuses on Drug pricing, Pharmacare, Innovation Policy, Pharmaceutical Promotion and the corruption of medical research. Marc-Andre holds a PhD in Political Science from York University and a Masters of Advanced Study in Economics from Paris-1 Sorbonne and Ecole Normale Superieure de Fontenay/St-Cloud.

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Commentaries by Marc-André Gagnon:

Free medicines for rich kids is actually a fair and efficient policy
Quebec’s outdated drug coverage policies should not be a model for the rest of Canada

Comment baisser le coût des médicaments au Québec?
Why employers in Canada waste $5 billion a year on inefficient drug coverage // L’inefficacité de l’assurance-médicaments privée coûte 5 milliards chaque année aux entreprises
How a national drug plan can boost the Canadian economy // Comment un régime d’assurance-médicaments national relancerait l’économie canadienne
Who’s afraid of universal pharmacare?
Beware the ghosts of medical research // Gare aux fantômes qui hantent la recherche médicale
How Canada artificially inflates the cost of prescription drugs to the tune of $2-billion // Médicaments: Un gaspillage annuel de deux milliards
Our drug plan; costly, inefficient and inequitable
Provinces must stand together on drug purchases
Quelle stratégie québécoise pour l’accès au médicament?
Patent protection for brand name drugs should come at a price // Il devrait y avoir un prix à payer pour la protection par brevet des médicaments d’origine
Let’s look at the evidence around the pharmacare debate – Reply to Yanick Labrie from the Montreal Economic Institute

Podcasts with Marc-André Gagnon:

Audio Podcast:  L’inefficacité de l’assurance-médicaments privée coûte 5 milliards de dollars chaque année aux entreprises
Audio Podast: Why Canadian researchers need to be more vocal in the media
Conférence : les défis de l’interdépendance entre chercheurs et journalistes






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