Marie-Pascale Pomey

Marie-Pascale Pomey is a Physician and Public Health Specialist. She started her career as a professor in public health at the Bretagne Occidentale University and a medical practitioner at the Brest University Hospital, where she was responsible for evaluating the quality of care. She completed her PhD in public health, in healthcare organization, at the University of Montréal in conjunction with l’Université Paris Descartes. She is now an associate professor in the Department of Health Administration at the University of Montréal School of Public Health and a Research Associate at the university’s Institute of Public Health Research (IRSPUM).

Dr. Pomey’s research interest is the comparison of healthcare systems and public policy, particularly European, Canadian and US systems. Her research also focuses on the evaluation of quality and safety programs, and on the impact of accreditation systems on health institutions in terms of the dynamics of change and the implementation of continual quality and safety improvement programs and patient involvement at the different level of the healthcare system. She is interested in governance in Canadian healthcare organizations and also on waiting time management strategies. She has also an expertise on pharmaceutical policy.

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