Michael Schull

Dr. Schull is a Professor in the Department of Medicine, and President and CEO at the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences. He is a Canadian Institutes of Health Research Applied Chair in Health Services and Policy Research for his work that brings together clinicians, scientists and policy‐makers. His research focuses on health service utilization, quality of care and patient outcomes as they relate to emergency care, and the study of interventions designed to reduce emergency department waiting times. His studies use administrative datasets and linkages with clinical data, and examine the causes and consequences of emergency department overcrowding, variations in patient waiting times, and pre-hospital care. He is currently working with other researchers and health system decision-makers to evaluate policy interventions designed to reduce emergency department waiting times, and innovative ways to better integrate health care between hospital and community providers.  Dr Schull practices as an Emergency Medicine specialist at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto.

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Why you must see your doctor after a trip to the ER //L’importance des soins de suivi après une consultation à l’urgence



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