Nick Kates

Nick Kates is Professor and Acting Chair of the Department of Psychiatry & Behavioural Neurosciences at McMaster University with a cross appointment in the Department of Family Medicine and a quality improvement advisor with the Hamilton Family Health Team He is also a senior advisor to Health Quality Ontario. For 12 years he was director of the Hamilton HSO (now FHT) mental health program.  He has participated in many health care planning initiatives provincially and nationally and has co-chaired the shared mental health care working group of the Canadian Psychiatric Association  and College of Family Physicians of Canada since 1997. He has consulted extensively on building links between specialized and primary care services, and on redesigning systems of care. He has published over 60 articles and 2 books on his work. He is a distinguished fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, and of the Canadian Psychiatric Association, and an honorary member of the Canadian College of Family Physicians.


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