Stephen Duckett

Professor Stephen Duckett is Director of the Health Program at Grattan Institute in Melbourne. He has held senior healthcare leadership positions in Australia and Canada, with a reputation for creativity, evidence-based innovation and reform in areas as diverse as hospital funding (introduction of activity-based funding for hospitals) and quality (new systems of measurement and accountability for safety of hospital care).

Professor Duckett is an economist with a Masters and PhD in Health Administration from the University of New South Wales and a higher doctorate, the DSc, awarded on the basis of his scholarly contributions, from the Faculty of Medicine of the same University. He is a Fellow of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia.

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Commentaries by Dr. Stephen Duckett:

What Canada can learn from Australia on health care
Private delivery of healthcare can work in a publicly funded system but comes with risks // La prestation de soins de santé privés est possible dans un système financé par l’État, mais comporte certains risques


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