Zeynep Or

Zeynep Or is an Economist and a Research Director at the Institute for Research and iIformation in Health Economics (IRDES, Institut de Recherche et Documentation en Economie de la Santé).

She specialises in issues related to health system performance at the macro level, including the determinants of health outcomes, measures of health expenditure, efficiency, equity and healthcare quality. She has been involved in a number of innovative studies in France, as well as internationally, concerning the measurement of variations in healthcare, health outcomes, healthcare cost and quality within and across countries and the interaction between institutional and policy settings and health system performance.

Zeynep has been at IRDES since 2005 and has worked previously as a health economist and consultant for the OECD and for the French National Institute of Medical Research (INSERM/CREGAS). She is an active member of a number of international networks such European Observatory of Health Systems and Policy Monitor, European Health Policy Group, Wennberg International collaboration.

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