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Listening to our Elders

Older Canadians living with frailty tell us what they need to live better


A podcast in partnership with the Canadian Frailty Network

An interview on frailty and aging with Dr. Katherine McGilton and Dr. John Muscedere.

Katherine McGilton is a Senior Scientist at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute-UHN, a Professor in the Lawrence S Bloomberg, Faculty of Nursing at the University of Toronto and a Network Investigator with Canadian Frailty Network.

John Muscedere is the Scientific Director and CEO of the Canadian Frailty Network (CFN). He’s also an Expert Advisor with, Professor of Critical Care Medicine at Queen’s University and an intensivist at Kingston General Hospital.

Interview by Neeta Das McMurtry

March 2018

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.