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Since 2011, we’ve published well over 500 original op-eds, podcasts, videos and backgrounders on controversial and timely health policy issues in Canada and had them published widely in every major media outlet across the country.  Once our content runs in the mainstream press, we publish them on our website, EvidenceNetwork.ca, with a Creative Commons license for easy reprinting and sharing.

So what’s been most popular?

Below find the Top 40 original articles on health policy on our site from 2011-2015 in English and French.  Bonne lecture !


  1. Pourquoi les personnes âgées sont importantes et comment elles contribuent à nos vies quotidiennes
    by Verena Menec
  2. Why seniors matter — and how they contribute to our everyday lives
    by Verena Menec
  3. Backgrounder: Obesity trends in Canada
    by Banaz Al-khalidi
  4. Certainty of punishment is best crime deterrent
    by Rick Linden
  5. Why did Manitoba students perform so poorly on the latest national school report?
    by Marni Brownell and Nathan Nickel
  6. Beware drug store dispensing fees
    by Noralou Roos
  7. Download our free eBook! Canadian Health Policy in the News: Why Evidence Matters
    by Noralou Roos, Sharon Manson Singer, Kathleen O’Grady, Shannon Turczak, and Camilla Tapp
  8. It’s time to include dental health in the healthcare system
    by Paul Allison
  9. How the federal government plans to end homelessness
    by Vicky Stergiopoulos and Sam Tsemberis
  10. Download our free eBook! Making Evidence Matter in Canadian Health Policy
    by Noralou Roos, Kathleen O’Grady, Shannon Turczak, Camilla Tapp and Lindsay Jolivet
  11. Canada Health Transfer changes: The devil is in the details
    by Livio Di Matteo
  12. Why Canada should care about the Shouldice Hospital deal
    by Irfan Dhalla
  13. Why Canada shouldn’t compete with the U.S. for the worst performing health system in the developed world
    by Colleen Flood
  14. Why we never seem to have enough hospital beds in Canada
    by Jason Sutherland and Trafford Crump
  15. Five things every Canadian should know about obesity
    by Carolyn Shimmin
  16. Le temps est-il venu d’autoriser le suicide assisté?
    by Harvey Max Chochinov and Balfour M. Mount
  17. Backgrounder: The price of prescription drugs in Canada
    Prepared by the Science Media Centre of Canada with resources from Evidencenetwork.ca
  18. Backgrounder: Canada’s prescription opioid crisis
    by Ann Silversides
  19. The real costs of long-term care for Canada
    by Michel Grignon and Nicole F. Bernier
  20. We can sustain our health care system — here’s how
    by Neena Chappell and Marcus Hollander
  21. Backgrounder: Canada’s aging population and the need for changes in health care delivery
    by Ann Silversides
  22. How Canada fails people with mental illnesses
    by Paul Kurdyak and Sanjeev Sockalingam
  23. Download our new free eBook! Navigating the Evidence: Communicating Canadian Health Policy in the Media
    by Noralou Roos, Kathleen O’Grady, Shannon Turczak, Camilla Tapp and Lindsay Jolivet
  24. La malbouffe ne fait pas qu’arrondir vos hanches, elle les gruge
    by Cy Frank and Ron Zernicke
  25. Playing violin for your health
    by Arya Sharma
  26. Pension plans: Why all the fuss?
    by Robert Brown
  27. Backgrounder: Mental illness and addictions in Canada
    by Victoria Jeffries
  28. How Canada artificially inflates the cost of prescription drugs to the tune of $2-billion
    by Marc-André Gagnon
  29. How to save $690 and prevent unnecessary worry
    by Alan Cassels
  30. What I learned as a medical student working with low-income families in Toronto
    by Lita Cameron and Elizabeth Lee Ford-Jones
  31. Backgrounder: The Dutch health care system
    by Lee Tunstall
  32. Why we all discriminate — even our doctors
    by Stephen Hwang
  33. Who’s afraid of universal pharmacare?
    by Marc-André Gagnon
  34. Comparing U.S., Canadian health care systems
    by Trudy Lieberman
  35. Time for Canada to improve our health care performance
    by Colleen Flood
  36. Why Canadian hospitals outperform U.S. hospitals
    by Steffie Woolhandler and David Himmelstein
  37. Five things most people get wrong about Canada’s healthcare system
    by Kathleen O’Grady and Noralou Roos
  38. Why other provinces may follow Ontario’s lead in reducing physician fees
    by Mark Stabile
  39. Sure fire tricks to get the most out of your vitamin supplements
    by Mike Allan and James McCormack
  40. Prescription drug addiction is a major public health crisis
    by Irfan Dhalla and David Juurlink

Nanci Armstrong is the Research Support at EvidenceNetwork.ca.  Kathleen O’Grady is the Managing Editor at EvidenceNetwork.ca and a Research Associate at the Simone de Beauvoir Institute, Concordia University.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.