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Presenters: Gregory Marchildon, Jennifer Verma, David Secko and Erik Landriault
Where: CAHSPR Conference at the Hilton Bonaventure Hotel in Montreal, Quebec
When: May 30, 2012
Website: http://cahspr.ca/en/node/2044

EvidenceNetwork.ca’s expert advisor, Gregory Marchildon, and colleagues Jennifer Verma, David Secko and Erik Landriault held a workshop at the CAHSPR Annual Conference 2012.  See presentation.

About the Event

Meeting demands for a more accountable and high-performing health care system requires a balanced approach to addressing costs, quality, and equity. The 2012 CAHSPR conference brings together cutting-edge research with first-hand policy experience to explore options for achieving sustainable improvements in health care. Featuring over 200 presentations by decision makers, junior and senior researchers, and graduate students in plenary, small group and poster formats, the conference sets the stage for informed discussion and debate.

The workshop was designed to encourage researchers to disseminate health services and policy (HSP) research in a format that allows it to reach and influence larger audiences as well as inject higher quality evidence into current debates. The following was taken from the abstract of this workshop (found on page 31) submitted to the conference.

In this workshop, facilitators will:

  1. discuss the advantages and the limits of opinion writing in terms of impact and KT;
  2. explore the art and science preparing opinion editorials in traditional newspapers as well as online news disseminators;
  3. point out what opinion editors are looking for and how best to meet their requirements;
  4. touch upon some of the differences between the traditional media and online publishers; and
  5. provide a ‘beginners’ inventory’ of some of the more popular outlets.


The facilitators will kick off the discussion by addressing the content and summarizing at least one important lesson from their personal experience.

They will then ask the participants in the workshop to form small teams, each selecting one among four health services and policy topics for hypothetical opinion editorials based upon recent debates or prominent news stories.

Participants will offer ideas on how they would frame each of the opinion editorials followed by a summary perspective by the facilitators.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.