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2015 saw us create a regular podcast series on health policy produced by our media intern and Radio Canada journalist, Melanie-Meloche Holubowski.  It’s proven to be popular, along with our less frequently created video content.  Our YouTube Channel, Evidence Network, has had approximately 20,000 views and listens – with new content added every month.

We also broadcast this original content on our Apple iTunes channel, on our own site, in Sound Cloud and it is frequently picked up, along with our articles, in the mainstream media, including in the Globe and Mail, Huffington Post and Policy Options.

Check out our Top 10 most popular videos and podcasts from our YouTube Channel analytics:

  1. What has the biggest impact on health outcomes? The answer might surprise you, with Dr. Ryan Meili
  2. Put the Patient First: The Globe and Mail‘s, Andre Picard, Advice to newly graduating doctors
  3. Canada falling short on foster care, Maltreatment rates remain high, kids deserve better, with Dr. Marni Brownell
  4. What is Obamacare? Why Canadians should care, featuring Trudy Lieberman
  5. Why user fees won’t make our health system more affordable, featuring Dr. Raisa Deber
  6. What’s driving up our health care costs? Featuring Dr. Kimberlyn McGrail
  7. Op-ed Writing for Researchers, with Steve Buist, Dr. Sharon Manson Singer and Dr. Michael Wolfson
  8. Every child deserves a healthy smile, How poor dental health is hurting Canadian children, with Dr. Bob Schroth
  9. The latest public health crisis? Canadian kids going hungry, with Dr. Elizabeth Lee Ford-Jones
  10. Too many seniors are dying in hospitals: How we can improve end of life care, with Dr. Verena Menec

Kathleen O’Grady is the Managing Editor at EvidenceNetwork.ca and a Research Associate at the Simone de Beauvoir Institute, Concordia University. Eileen Boriskewich is the Administrator at EvidenceNetwork.ca

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.