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Teenagers at risk from junk food advertisements

Proposed restrictions on food and beverage advertising to kids should include youth up to age 16 A version of this commentary appeared in the Globe & Mail, the Winnipeg Free Press and the Huffington Post We shield our children and young teenagers (16 and under) from many things: overt portrayals of sex and violence on […]

New Panel of International Journalists offers support to journalists covering health systems from around the world

(Winnipeg, MB) Nine health journalists from seven countries are now available as a free resource for journalists covering health systems and health policy issues from around the world.

Five things everyone should know about the relationship between poverty and health in Canada

With a federal election on the horizon, certain high level policy topics are bound to make the headlines beyond the personalities of the political leaders: the economy, energy prices, jobs prospects even climate change.

Five things every journalist should know about the relationship between poverty and health in Canada

Over three million Canadians struggle to make ends meet — and what may surprise many is the devastating influence poor income, education and occupation can have on our health.

Five things every Canadian should know about obesity

There has been a dramatic increase in the number of Canadians living with obesity over the past few decades and it is often cited as a risk factor for other chronic health conditions including type 2 diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and some forms of cancer.  This means that obesity is frequently a hot topic in […]

Presentation: Communicating Health Policy Evidence to the Media:

Noralou Roos (Co-founder of presented: Communicating Health Policy Evidence to the Media at “First Do No Harm… Second International Conference on Health Journalism”.

Presentation: The Importance of Evidence and Investigation:

Noralou Roos (Co-founder of presented: The Importance of Evidence and Investigation at “Holding Power to Account: Investigative Journalism, Democracy, and Human Rights”.