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Free RESEARCH WEBINAR: Wednesday, March 2, 2016 12 noon ET

User Studies with intelligent assistive robots and elderly residing in LTC homes – TVN-funded 2013 Catalyst grant (Dr. Goldie Nejat, PhD, P.Eng, University of Toronto)


As the world’s elderly population continues to grow, so does the number of older Canadians that require personalized care. While much of the elderly population suffers from social isolation and age-related cognitive decline, there is a widening gap of human resources that can provide social and cognitive interventions that have positive health effects.

Assistive robots are a promising new technology; yet, there are only a handful of research studies that investigate assistive robot interactions with elderly individuals in real healthcare environments. Robotics aspects of developing the technology are challenging, though the human-robot interaction is crucial for integrating robots as effective long-term resources.

Join presenter and research PI Goldie Nejat as she describes on-site user experiments involving an intelligent socially assistive robot that assisted elders in multiple socially and cognitively stimulating activities in a long-term care facility.  Dr. Nejat will present robot engagement, compliance, acceptance and performance impacts and results.

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