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As the population ages, there is a growing belief that a tsunami of elderly patients will bankrupt the healthcare system, but evidence shows that this is a misconception.

Our aging population accounts for only modest – and sustainable – increases in health spending.

But experts say there are better ways to organize health care to more efficiently and effectively deal with swelling numbers of seniors who have different care needs.

Dr. Neena Chappell, a professor at the institute of Aging and Lifelong Health at the University or Victoria says that integration of home care and preventative care into the existing system will cut costs and improve quality of care.

Neena Chappell is a Professor in the Institute on Aging and Lifelong Health and the Department of Sociology at the University of Victoria; she holds a Canada Research Chair in Social Gerontology.

Marcus J. Hollander is a national health services and policy researcher and President, Hollander Analytical Services Ltd.

Interview by Dane Wanniarachige, journalist intern at EvidenceNetwork.ca.



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