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La crise des opioïdes est un problème de santé qui concerne toute la population

Au Canada, on dénombre 2458 décès liés aux opioïdes dans la dernière année   Selon l’Institut canadien d’information sur la santé (ICIS), le taux d’hospitalisation pour empoisonnement aux opiacés n’a cessé de croître avec environ treize hospitalisations par jour pour surdose d’opioïdes en 2014-2015 au Canada. Ce qui a commencé par une prescription excessive d’opioïdes, tels […]

Homelessness costs Canadians big money without addressing the causes

It’s time we put Housing First   For most of his life, Murray Barr was an ordinary American until everything changed abruptly when his story of personal tragedy and period of homelessness created a media frenzy.  It was in his article, “Million Dollar Murray,” that Malcolm Gladwell turned homelessness into a celebrity cause by illustrating […]

The opioid crisis is a population health issue

Canada has had 2458 opioid related deaths in the past year   According to the Canadian Institute of Health Information (CIHI), the rate of opioid poisoning  hospitalizations has been steadily on the rise with approximately 13 Canadians a day hospitalized for an opioid overdose in 2014-2015. What began with the over-prescription of opioids such as […]

How future doctors see social factors shaping their medical practice

Medical students learn how to manage and treat disease. But once they start meeting patients in clinics and hospitals, they are also confronted with the fact that social factors have a huge impact on health and that their medical interventions might sometimes be limited. Two medical residents, Laura Stymiest and Lita Cameron, and medical student, […]

When it comes to medical tests and treatments, more is not always better

As technology and medical knowledge progress, doctors and patients have access to many more screening tools. But with the availability of more tests, also comes the risk of overtesting and overdiagnosis, worries health care researcher, Alan Cassels and doctors Wendy Levinson and Eric Bohm. They explain why more medical tests and treatments do not necessarily […]