After many years of success, is no longer in operation. We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the organization over the past decade including our dedicated researchers, newspaper editors, readers and funders. However, now it is time to move onto new ways of looking at knowledge mobilization and policy. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Shannon Sampert at

Meet Our Experts

We have selected more than 70 Canadian academic and nine international experts for each of our key health policy topics who are available and ready for media interview in their areas of expertise. We understand the time constraints that journalists labour under and we have asked each of our experts to respond to media inquiries within a two hour timeframe, whenever possible.

Our academic experts are listed below and also can be viewed by geographical location and topic category. We have provided contact details for each expert so that media can contact them directly by email or phone, as well as a detailed biography and a downloadable high res photo for each expert. We have indicated if the expert is able to conduct media interviews in both French and English. academic experts are chosen based on their standing in the health policy research/academic community, their publishing record and their ability to communicate in lay language. Experts are also asked to declare that they do not represent a political party and that they are not currently holding or vying for public office. See our Conflict of Interest Policy for complete details.