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EvidenceNetwork.ca creates original media content on public policy topics for publication in the mainstream media and links journalists with policy experts to provide access to non-partisan, evidence-based information.

Why Evidence?

The debate around public policy is important to Canadians.  An informed, non-partisan link between research and the mainstream media is key to enriching the public dialogue about policy issues.

Our Team: Academics and Media Working Together

EvidenceNetwork.ca is made up of more than 80 academics and researchers from across Canada and internationally who are top of their field and employ quality evidence to build policy solutions.  We also have an independent media advisory board, made up of some of Canada’s most respected journalists, who help guide our work.  A small staff, which includes professional editors and writers, works together with our academic experts to make EvidenceNetwork.ca media content balanced, accessible, copy-ready and widely available.

What we do:

Original Content with a Creative Commons License:
EvidenceNetwork.ca regularly publishes original opeds, podcastsposters and infographics on important policy stories. We have had more than 650 opeds published in all of the major daily broadsheets across the country and reprinted more than 3700 times, since our inception in April 2011.  A compendium of the most popular of these commentaries is also available in eBook form via Kindle, iTunes and Google Play.

All of our written materials are given a creative commons license, which means they can be reproduced, free-of-charge, so long as proper attribution is provided.

NOTE: Images are provided by The Canadian Press and The Associated Press and all rights are reserved for these images and cannot be copied without consent.

Media Backgrounders:
Our website provides media backgrounders, reviews of policy issues in brief and direct links to the evidence to help journalists put a breaking news story in context.  Key topics include the Aging Population, Obesity, Pharmaceutical Policy, Mental Health, Poverty and Health System Sustainability, with new content added weekly

Database of Academic Experts:
We have a network of independent, highly qualified researchers from across the country who respond quickly to requests for information and media interviews.  Their contact details are available by contacting us at administrator@evidencenetwork.ca.

Read more about our team of scientists, journalists and communicators.

EvidenceNetwork.ca is committed to working with the media to build a healthy dialogue around Canadian healthcare.

EvidenceNetwork.ca has been established with funding from the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement, Canadian Institutes of Health Research and Research Manitoba.

What Others Have Said About Us

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See our Poster about EvidenceNetwork.ca
Presented at The Manitoba Patient Access Network’s Health Innovation Conference and
LEAN Congress, Winnipeg, MB, September 15, 2015

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Shannon Sampert

Director & Editor in Chief

Kathleen O’Grady

Managing Editor

Nanci Armstrong-Dreger

Senior Administrator
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