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Too many bureaucratic hurdles for cannabis research

Researchers are studying cannabis for promising anti-seizure medication   We’ve lost many years of potentially important research on the use of cannabis as medicine because of polarized views of the “weed” among researchers, policymakers and the general public. On one side, there are those who see cannabis as a dangerous psychoactive drug that should be […]

Despite the fanfare, the medical benefits of marijuana remain experimental for many conditions

Many Canadians can hardly wait for the day that the recreational use of marijuana becomes legal. As a medical doctor, I’m far less enthusiastic. I worry about two things: the experimental nature of marijuana in medical practice and the public health consequences of legalized marijuana. Before you write me off as overly prudish or an […]

Malgré tout le tapage, les bienfaits thérapeutiques du cannabis restent à confirmer pour bon nombre de maladies

Une version de ce commentaire est parue dans Options Politiques et Huffington Post Quebec L’adoption à l’automne du projet de loi sur le cannabis par le gouvernement fédéral promet de faire le bonheur des producteurs autorisés, puisqu’ils pourront brasser des affaires sans avoir à se plier aux lourdeurs administratives qu’ils ont connues par le passé. En […]