Trop de femmes autochtones derrière les barreaux

Il faut donner aux juges plus de souplesse pour la détermination de la peine Il n’y a pas de justice pour les femmes autochtones dans le système de justice canadien actuel. Les femmes autochtones sont victimes de violence presque trois fois plus fréquemment que les femmes non autochtones. Les femmes autochtones sont aussi plus susceptibles […]

Too many indigenous women in prison

Judges need more flexibility in sentencing There is no justice for Indigenous women in the current Canadian justice system. Indigenous women are violently victimized at almost three times the rate of their non-Indigenous counterparts.  Indigenous women are also more likely to commit criminal offences — but nine times more likely than non-Indigenous women to be […]

Using incarceration as an opportunity to improve inmates’ health

One in 200 Canadians is detained or incarcerated in jail or prison every year, yet their access to health care is a far cry from the services offered in Canadian communities. Dr. Ruth Martin and Dr. Fiona Kouyoumdjian explain how incarceration ー even for short time spans ー can be a time to improve an inmate’s health and reduce […]