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What is going on with (North) American health care? What does Trump’s agenda mean for Canadian health care?
By Danielle Martin and Sandro Galea
Backgrounder_Why-more-healthcare-is-not-always-the-answer Backgrounder: Why more healthcare is not always the answer
By Neeta McMurtry

Does more healthcare create better outcomes? In other words, do more medications, tests and interventions necessarily result in healthier patients?
It turns out more care is, all too often, unnecessary care.

Why Canadian hospitals outperform U.S. hospitals Why Canadian hospitals outperform U.S. hospitals
By Steffie Woolhandler and David Himmelstein

In many countries, bereaved families get condolence cards and flowers. In the U.S., the survivors are also deluged with hospital bills and insurance paperwork. That paperwork isn’t merely an insult. It costs U.S. society a fortune.

Pourquoi le Canada devrait éviter de faire concurrence aux États-Unis pour le pire système de santé de tous les pays développés Why Canada shouldn’t compete with the U.S. for the worst performing health system in the developed world
By Colleen Flood

The latest Commonwealth Study ranked Canada’s health care system a dismal second to last in a list of eleven major industrialized countries. We had the dubious distinction of beating out only the Americans. This latest poor result is already being used by those bent on further privatizing health care.