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Finding a shortcut to better care, with Dr. Cy Frank (5.5 min)

Dr. Cy Frank is Vice-Chair of the Institute and part of a provincial team managing the Alberta Knee and Hip Replacement Project that is underway in the Calgary, Capital and David Thompson health regions

Measuring care, with Dr. Alan Katz (7.6 min)

Dr. Alan Katz, MMSF Clinical Research Professor, Population Medicine, Associate Professor, Department of Family Medicine and Community Health Sciences, University of Manitoba, discusses the approach to measuring care. From CHSRF.

Obama takes office: From making history to effective administration in a time of crisis with Theodore Marmor (92.5 min)

The three panelists, Jeffrey D. Straussman, Theodore R. Marmor, and Alan Altshuler, all distinguished senior analysts of executive power and American public policy, will discuss the challenges of Barack Obamas transition and will also respond to questions from the audience.

Dr. James McCormack on Studio 4 with host Fanny Kiefer (8.7 min)

Dr. James McCormack speaks with Shaw TV about his career reviewing 1000s of clinical research trials, and not infrequently, when he has looked at the findings he often finds the authors’ conclusions bear little resemblance to their results.

Hospital payment mechanisms: Options for Canada, with Jason Sutherland (38.6 min)

Dr. Jason Sutherland discusses various hospital payment models and their advantages and disadvantages. Sutherland is an assistant professor at the Centre for Health Services and Policy at the University of British Columbia. This was the first public presentation of this paper, which was commissioned by CHSRF. Ottawa, March 18, 2011.