EvidenceNetwork.ca works with the following third-party brokers of research evidence

Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH)

The Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH) provides decision-makers with the evidence, analysis, advice, and recommendations they require to make informed decisions in health care. Funded by Canada’s federal, provincial, and territorial governments, CADTH is an independent, not-for-profit agency that delivers timely, evidence-based information to health care leaders about the effectiveness and efficiency of health technologies.

Canadian Foundation  for Healthcare Improvement (CFHI)

The Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement (CFHI) is dedicated to accelerating healthcare improvement and transformation for Canadians. We collaborate with governments, policy-makers, and health system leaders to convert evidence and innovative practices into actionable policies, programs, tools and leadership development.

We work shoulder to shoulder with policy-makers, managers, front-line providers, patients and families to provide the analysis, processes, tools, learning systems and leadership development needed to accelerate change. We capture what we learn, share it with our partners and work to spread these results across Canada. While our approach is consistent, its application is customized to meet the needs of our partners. Our vision is timely, appropriate, efficient and high-quality services that improve the health of Canadians.

CFHI is a not-for-profit corporation funded through an agreement with the Government of Canada.
Visit cfhi-fcass.ca to learn more.  Follow us on Twitter @cfhi_fcass and connect with us on Facebook

Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI)

CIHI is an independent, not-for-profit organization that provides essential data and analysis on Canada’s health system and the health of Canadians. CIHI’s mandate is to produce unbiased, comparable and timely information that can lead to better health decisions.

To learn more about the Canadian Institute of Health Information visit them at: www.cihi.ca

Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)

As the Government of Canada’s health research investment agency, CIHR enables the creation of evidence-based knowledge and its transformation into improved treatments, prevention and diagnoses, new products and services, and a stronger, patient-oriented health care system.

The Evidence-Informed Healthcare Renewal Portal | Le Portail RSSDP
The Evidence-Informed Healthcare Renewal (EIHR) Portal is a continuously updated repository of policy-relevant documents that address ‘healthcare renewal’ in Canada. It contains 24 types of documents, including jurisdictional reviews, stakeholder position papers, and intergovernmental communiqués. The documents address priority areas such as primary healthcare, patient safety, health human resources and performance indicators (e.g., timely access) identified by government and other stakeholders.

The EIHR Portal enables health system stakeholders to rapidly:
• identify evidence on a given topic that have been prepared to inform healthcare renewal across Canada;
• search by categories such as priority area, keyword, publication date;
• access links to user-friendly summaries and full-text reports (if applicable and freely available)

Visit www.eihrportal.org or follow the evidence on twitter @EIHRportal.

To learn more about the CIHR’s Evidence-Informed Healthcare Renewal initiative visit: http://www.cihr-irsc.gc.ca/e/43628.html

To learn more about the Canadian Institutes for Health Research visit them at: www.cihr-irsc.gc.ca

The George and Fay Yee Centre for Healthcare Innovation (CHI)

The George and Fay Yee Centre for Healthcare Innovation is a partnership between the University of Manitoba and the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority. The centre houses seven unique platforms, each staffed with experts and leaders from all disciplines in academia and practice.

At CHI, we are committed to ensuring that the latest research and evidence are translated into improved patient outcomes, enhanced patient experiences and improved access to care for Manitobans.

Who we work with:

  • Patients
  • Healthcare Leadership
  • Clinicians
  • Researchers
  • Policy Makers

Our commitment to Manitobans:

  • Engaging patients as full partners in care.
  • Providing healthcare professions and policy makers with the best available evidence to make informed decisions.
  • Supporting the development of innovative and cutting edge research.
  • Supporting strengthened clinical care, process improvements and better delivery of health care services.
  • Making crucial knowledge and research findings accessible.

To learn more about the George and Fay Yee Centre for Healthcare Innovation visit them at: http://chimb.ca/