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Why More Academics Should Engage with the Media, with Dr. Noralou Roos

Why more academics should engage with the media with Dr Noralou RoosA podcast from Policy Options, featuring the founder and Director of EvidenceNetwork.ca, Dr. Noralou Roos.

“Imagine putting months of work into an article to have it read by only 10 people. This is the situation in much of academia right now, where the influx of new material is making it increasingly difficult for academics to get their research out to the public and to policy-makers. What can academics do to get their work noticed? Noralou Roos, director of EvidenceNetwork.ca and professor at the Max Rady College of Medicine at the University of Manitoba, stopped by the podcast to offer some advice.”

See Noralou Roos and Kathleen O’Grady’s Policy Options article “Linking academic research with the public and policy-makers” at bit.ly/2afhhEH

Interview by Policy Options


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