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Most Read EvidenceNetwork Articles from 20142014 was a busy year for the EvidenceNetwork.ca team, with plenty of new content added to our site and published in the biggest news outlets across the country.  Here, for your reading pleasure, are the top 10 most read articles from our website in 2014.  The biggest surprise was that a few of the most popular pieces are actually from 2013, but remained popular and topical with our audience in 2014 as well.



1.   Why seniors matter – and how they contribute to our everyday lives (French AND English) by Verena Menec.

2.   Why did Manitoba students perform so poorly on the latest national school report? by
Marni Brownell and Nathan Nickel.

3.   It’s time to include dental health in the healthcare system, by Paul Allison.

4.   Backgrounder: Obesity trends in Canada, by Banaz Al-khalidi.

5.   Certainty of punishment is best crime deterrent, by Rick Linden.

6.   Beware drug store dispensing fees, by Noralou Roos.

7.   Backgrounder: Canada’s prescription opioid crisis, by Ann Silversides.

8.   Backgrounder: Mental illness and addictions in Canada, by Victoria Jeffries.

9.  Canada Health Transfer changes: The devil is in the details, by Livio Di Matteo.

10.  How the federal government plans to end homelessness, by Vicky Stergiopoulos and Sam Tsemberis.

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