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Communicating Health Policy Evidence to the Media


Conference: First Do No Harm… Second International Conference on Health Journalism
When: May 14 — 16, 2014
Where: University of Coventry, Coventry, UK
Website: http://www.europeanhealthjournalism.com/

The conference was sponsored by the Medical Journalists Association (UK), the National Union of Journalists (UK), and the European Federation of Journalists.

Noralou Roos, Co-Founder, EvidenceNetwork.ca’s presentation entitled “Communicating Health Policy Evidence to the Media” was delivered at the conference on May 15th, 2014. See Presentation

Aims of the Conference:

  • To help working journalists develop professionally, acquire new skills and knowledge, and make new contacts.
  • To offer new story ideas, sources and awareness.
  • To do this by acting as a foundation from which training, resources, and support networks for all journalists and PRs who cover health can begin to emerge.
  • To formulate practical solutions to address emerging problems in health journalism.
  • To examine the critical issues affecting health journalism and PR internationally.
  • To draw together expertise from academic research and health journalism and encourage informed debate.
  • To disseminate the findings of the conference to as many journalists as possible.

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