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Medical errors too common

We have all been there: it is 3am and your partner, child, sibling or parent becomes ill suddenly and needs medical care. Will they be safe? The on-going Public Inquiry into the Safety and Security of Residents in the Long-Term Care Homes System is shedding new light on the employment history of an Ontario nurse […]

Mettre fin aux méfaits associés aux opioïdes

En tant que cliniciens professionnels et éthiquement responsables, nous nous devons de ne causer aucun tort et à faire tout ce que nous pouvons pour traiter la douleur ressentie par nos patients. Lors de leur arrivée sur le marché il y a quelques décennies, les opioïdes analgésiques semblaient répondre à ces deux impératifs. Nous savons […]

Canada needs a national drug surveillance system

Interviews with Dr. Robyn Tamblyn and Dr. Jenna Wong Medications can be life-saving. But they are only as good as our knowledge about them. The time is right for a national drug surveillance system to kept better track of our experiences with medications. Jenna Wong recently received her PhD from the Department of Epidemiology, Biostatistics […]